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Client Panels

We can help you to build and maintain a client panel. This will allow you to interact continuously with your customers and brand advocates - an excellent means to better understanding the needs and deliver services and products that are relevant.

  • Based on your target group definition, we can recruit panel members from your internal data base or external sources.
  • While guiding respondents through the recruitment process, we profile them and enrich the profiles with variables from your existing database.
  • Keeping panel members motivated is key for a lively community, and this is something we have considerable expertise on. We will help you maintain your panel, managing incentives and engaging with passive members.
  • Our highly skilled support team will help keep your panel satisfied and motivated.
  • The technical infrastructure will be provided by us, and we will supply all sampling, fieldwork and scripting services.
  • All of your panel interfaces can of course be branded, from surveys to e-mail invites and dashboards.

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Robert Agnew
Managing Director Norstat UK