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Project Management

Every survey is unique, and our project managers are experts at tailoring projects to survey requirements. They are experienced in a wide range of survey types, and ready to help you to create exactly the right survey for you.

Here is what to expect:

  • We always start by clarifying expectations so we are sure we completely understand what your delivery consists of and exactly when you need your data.
  • You will benefit from our considerable experience: we will guide you and give recommendations on how best to conduct the study efficiently while ensuring high data quality.
  • We carry out the fieldwork using your preferred method(s) of data collection.
  • We will be updating you regularly on the progress of your study, and bringing any issues that may need your attention to you without any delay.
  • Our highly competent team of data programmers are data management experts, and will clean data, weight, format or integrate different data sources to create exactly the delivery you need.
  • We will deliver data in your preferred format, whether it be raw data, tables, charts or interactive dashboards.

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Robert Agnew
Managing Director Norstat UK